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Spiral Eyelashes Brush Set 50pcs Disposable

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Introducing the Spiral Eyelashes Brush Set 50pcs Disposable from Fitted for the Occasion. Get the perfect eyelashes every time with this stylish and attractive eyelash brush. This 50pcs set comes with a disposable brush head size of 2.6cm and a total length of 9.8cm.

The brush is made from environmental protection PP material and silica gel, and comes in a sleek black color. With its OPP bag packing, this brush is perfect for achieving the perfect eyelashes.

Size: brush head 2.6cm, total length 9.8cm
Package: OPP bag packing
Item Type: 50pcs/set* Disposable eyelashes brush
Material: environmental protection PP material, silica gel
Color: black.